Testing and commissioning

Testing and commissioning

The testing and commissioning phase is a crucial step, as it determines the success of the entire project. No matter in what industry you operate, this phase helps team members verify the quality of the engineering work and ensure that constraints and technical requirements have been met.

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Quality assurance of your systems and equipment

EnerOptim has extensive experience in the field and uses specialized equipment to provide you with quality service on every level.

  • Worker safety
  • Achievement of performance goals
  • Compliance with company and industry standards
  • Installation compliance

A meticulous work methodology

EnerOptim leaves nothing to chance when it comes to testing new systems and equipment during commissioning.

  • Pre-operational checks
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical testing using specialized equipment
  • Instrumentation and control systems installation, validation and calibration
  • Safe isolation and lockout procedures
  • Power analysis and measurement
  • Technical training program development and implementation