Power systems

Power systems and power system studies

From energy producers to consumers, the reliability of your power supply network is fundamental to ensure that your business productivity objectives as well as keep occupants and workers safe. Your power system therefore plays a crucial role in your operations. Diligent system development and maintenance are essential. EnerOptim has an entire team of experts in network studies and electrical network design. We can support you both in the integration of new electrical infrastructure and in the addition of new equipment. We ensure that your system is safe, compliant and operates at high performance levels at all times.

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A well-designed power system lets you focus on your core business.

When you outsource the design and installation of your power system to EnerOptim, you can focus on your core business. Gain peace of mind knowing that:

  • Your systems are reliable and perfectly suited to your needs
  • Everything complies with current standards
  • Your workers’ safety is our priority

We work to ensure your electrical systems are durable and reliable.

EnerOptim has advanced technical knowledge of integrated power systems for a multitude of uses and industries. Our support is comprehensive, including feasibility studies, commissioning, optimization, technical support and maintenance.

Power system studies

  • Electric arc flash studies
  • Short-circuit studies
  • Protection and coordination studies
  • Power flow studies
  • Harmonic studies

Power systems

  • Choice and integration of low-, medium- and high-voltage equipment
  • Power system design, including substations and industrial distribution
  • Control and protection
  • Power analysis and measurement
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Digital solutions integration
  • Commissioning